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The Culture Northern Ireland website featured an article about me which you can read here. […] Continue reading →

The Impartial Reporter recently wrote an article about my appearance on the “Jackie’s the Boy” TV show about Jackie Fullerton’s travels across America, meeting Northern Irish people who’ve chosen to make their homes there. You can read it here. […] Continue reading →

  I supported the “Children’s MRI Scanner Appeal” by donating a piece to be auctioned at the upcoming Royal Does Strictly corporate event. I was approached by Consultant Paediatric Neurologist at the Royal, Dr Deirdre Peake, whose idea it was to create this appeal. Deirdre is also originally from Enniskillen and I’ve known her family for years. She described how limiting it is not to have an MRI scanner on site for her young patients and asked if I would donate […] Continue reading →



Satyricon Pictures, founded by Christian Filippella and Claire Falconer with partners including Fuji Film, De Luxe and Panavision, opened it’s doors in May, 2009. Filippella and Falconer aim to establish Satyricon as one of the premier labels in the independent film business, bringing quality, entertainment to audiences all around the world. […] Continue reading →


Silver Case

  In Tinseltown, the world of scheming and dreaming reaches a particularly nasty low when a powerful producer known as the ‘Senator’ (Eric Roberts) hatches a plan to undermine the future success of his shady arch rival, the ‘Master’ in more ways than one. His plot begins with the simple delivery of a silver briefcase. But nothing is simple in Hollywood. The case goes missing, which sets off a chain of events that are categorically not part of the plan. The […] Continue reading →


New Creations

Donegal is currently inspiring new land and seascapes. Winter hibernation is coming to an end and new work will soon be ready. […] Continue reading →

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