Claire Falconer: Artist

Irish Painter & Filmmaker

Silver Case

Silver Case

A feature that I co-produced nearing the end of my time in Los Angeles. A parody on Hollywood 🙂

In Tinseltown, the world of scheming and dreaming reaches a particularly nasty low when a powerful producer known as the ‘Senator’ (Eric Roberts) hatches a plan to undermine the future success of his shady arch rival, the ‘Master’ in more ways than one. His plot begins with the simple delivery of a silver briefcase. But nothing is simple in Hollywood. The case goes missing, which sets off a chain of events that are categorically not part of the plan. The Senator engages the best of his team to locate the package but doesn’t count on the tenacity of two thugs who now have the mystery prize in their curious possession.

Silver Case Promo Trailer from Satyricon Pictures on Vimeo.