Claire Falconer: Irish Artist & Creative

"All things are correlated beyond our wildest imaginings. We are each part of one another and part of the cosmos. Our separation, our alienation from each other, is illusion."

Claire Falconer

Who is Claire Falconer?

An ethereal artist, her works are at once ancient, and futuristic: an alchemy of colour, blended and subtly glazed, reflecting a sense of mystery and sensuality. considering oil painting to be an enigmatic craft, Claire invites the viewer to experience an affinity with nature that transcends everyday experience. Currently nestled in the wilds of donegal she is dedicated to a brave new collection where dreams, visions and the power of nature come through the fire and to the fore.

"My intentions are becoming clearer than ever before, hopeful that my creations may inspire peace, joy, increased self love, the seeking of wisdom and respect for nature."

Claire Falconer

"My art is branching out energetically, to express a vision of interconnected being I'm trusting the creative impulse, and diving in. Let's enter deeper into this dream!"

Claire Falconer

"We are here to evolve beyond our separation.
We are the whole universe."

Stuart Wilde

Hello Friends,

I’d like to share with you my feelings about where painting is taking me recently, in a bid to explain the changes which will become evident.

I’ve been letting go of proscribed perfection and classical imitation, in lieu of a return to childlike freedom of movement and subconscious interpretation of emotion.

I have been freed enormously, Physically, mentally, energetically through ongoing shamanic journeying experiences, revealing the native power within.

My intentions with my art are becoming clearer than ever before. I work hopeful that my creations may inspire peace, joy, increased self love, the seeking of wisdom and respect for nature. I strongly feel a renewed purpose, confident that I have a new form of language flowing through me, one that will not be of me, it comes from way beyond anywhere I can describe. Spirit painting. A recalling of the immense power within each of us. Every plant and animal spirit connected. We can move mountains of mayhem and cleanse oceans if we only intend to do so.

I invite you to allow this energy into your worlds, welcoming all responses to it.

I ask for collaboration opportunities to connect what I create with the web of knowing emanating from the core of this Spiral of wisdom.

"Isn’t it all amazing, This life, as it unfolds. As it opens up, As we enter into Flow."

Claire Falconer

The Call is One
The earth is alive

Listen to her
She feels

See that we must be in tune with her needs.
With her song
With the beat of the drum

Hear the logic within
We are made of her flesh
Will you drink of these fluids they sink into her breast?

Ask silently within for the right path to choose
Trust that only good things will come to you

Let the song that she sings this season be true
Light will be all. For me and for you