Claire Falconer – Fine Art

Irish Painter & Filmmaker


Claire Falconer is an Irish artist working predominantly in oils to create contemplative, ethereal paintings. Her work seems at once ancient and modern, an alchemy of colour, blended, layered and subtly glazed, reflecting a sense of mystery and sensuality.

She considers oil painting to be an inherently enigmatic craft and invites the viewer to experience an affinity with nature that transcends everyday perception.

“All things are correlated beyond our wildest imaginings. We are each part of one another and part of the cosmos. Time is circular rather than linear. Our separation, our alienation from each other, is illusion.”

Claire’s studios have been visited by national and international documentaries and last year she featured in the Sky TV Portrait Artist 2017 series.

Currently nestled in the wilds of Donegal she is working on bringing nature’s beauty and power to the fore in her new collection.

“My recent work reflects an awe and reverence for nature in balance. I am excited by an emerging expressive freedom both in the flow of drawing and dance of colour. Moving to live by the sea has allowed me to re-immerse deeply and hear ever more clearly the wild wisdom within.”

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