Claire Falconer: Artist

Irish Painter & Filmmaker

My Artwork Painting

By Claire Falconer

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Cosmos mid creation in the studio.
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I awoke from a vivid dream last year and sketched what I'd remembered.. a depiction of nature in energetic balance.. 'as above, so below.' This sketch became the inspiration for my 'Cosmos' painting which is also a little 'Oceanic' in nature.

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Claire Falconer

Claire Falconer is an Irish artist working predominantly in oils to create contemplative, ethereal paintings. Her work seems at once ancient and modern, an alchemy of colour, blended, layered and subtly glazed, reflecting a sense of mystery and sensuality. Her work first gained national acclaim in 2001 when she won RTE Television’s Open House Art Award and had a sell out exhibition at the Abode Gallery in Dublin. Currently nestled in the wilds of Donegal she is working on bringing nature's beauty and power to the fore in her new collection.

"My Artwork Painting" In Detail

Art Form: Painting
Art Medium: Oil Paint
Artwork Surface: Board


Portfolio: Current Energies

"My Artwork Painting" is part of the Current Energies portfolio.

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