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Claire Falconer is an Irish painter and filmmaker who currently works in Ireland, Italy and the United States.  Her work first gained national acclaim in 2001 when she won RTE Television’s Open House Art Competition. She subsequently had a sell out exhibition at the Abode Gallery in Dublin.

“Contemplative, dreamy, ethereal paintings that arrest the viewer and stop time. Many are influenced by the artist’s travels – from smouldering Roman goddesses of the 21st century to the misty, alluring lakes of Fermanagh back home, where playful dances of light evoke special meaning and echo nature in a way that makes us pause.”

Influenced by Belfast artist Ken Hamilton’s portraits of the female form and by her studies in Salamanca , Rome and Los Angeles , her paintings are an alchemy of colour, blended, layered and subtly glazed, suggesting a sense of mystery and silent sensuality.

“Her portraits seem at once ancient and modern. Still lifes and landscapes echo her love of nature in all its subtle detail.”

Claire’s talent in the visual arts is further enhanced as a multi-award winning film producer and actress. In addition to painting, her time in Rome and LA resulted in the production of
award winning shorts, documentaries and the feature film ‘Silver Case’ which first screened at the Rome Film Festival in October 2011 and which continues to win awards at prestigious film festivals around the globe.

Claire reflects that ‘The artist starts with a blank canvas and travels on an infinite road of discovery.’ Her work is testament to her journey as one of Ireland ‘s enduring and most exciting talents.  She is currently nestled in the wilds of Donegal working on  a new collection.

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